An app that lets novices to casual bird enthusiasts explore and search like a wiki

Final Design
This app is a mobile wiki-like tool for everything birds. The database has a range of quick and essential info. Geared for beginners who are looking for an overview on certain breeds to those who want to dive a little deeper.
Looking at competitive landscapes for some key takeaways: visually overwhelming UI, crowded with interactions, and overall too complex and dense for beginner users who are looking to concise digestions.
Finding a general user flow, brainstorming visual systems, and defining clear page structures. I wanted the emphasis to be on the idea that information is accessible and the app is easy to navigate.
Low-fi Mocks
More on working out app flow, interactions and contents.
Wanted to be bird-centric, iconic looking, and recognizable on platforms.
The warm side of the primary scheme is for higher emphasis like stats or interactive elements while the cooler tones are for the general UI. In contrast, the more unique colors would be reserved for the bird graphics.
Evoke feelings of an encyclopedia and lowkeyness.
Silhouette-focused and easy to recognize.
Making sure each of the owls are distinctive across scale.
Final Screens
[left] Search by species.
[middle] Search by location.
[right] Bird comparisons.
Screen Details
Details of UI, navigations and how the app works.
Demo 1
Welcome screen and specie categories.
Demo 2
Browsing by countries.
Demo 3
Browsing by types and specific name of owls.
Demo 4
Selecting specific owls for comparisons.