Howl Lab

An amalgamation of two things I love the most: toys and storytelling

How Did It Start
I have loved 3D objects as a kid. There is something special about being able to interact with all 5 senses that would make an object more life-like.
Toys have characters, and things that have characters have a way of personification. I then thought about language, how animals communicated. Hence the name: "Howl".
To ensure consistency and uniformity, I created a set of branding guides.
Brand values: play, genuine, witty, misfit.
DO and DON'T
On logo usages.
Color & Type
Font for the brand: Modern, cool, with just a hint of character.
Colors: warmth to pair with the cooler, miscellaneous colorings of the actual product/toys.
Collaterial 1
Business cards. Graphically and simple.
Collaterial 2
[left] Postcards cards of the first two product characters.
[right] Stickers. Lots.
Work In Progress
A scene of toys being made. All hand-crafted and colored.
A scene of a final set of toy being packaged.
Video of Auggy
A self-made short video with C4D, telling the story of Auggy the penguin and the struggle to catch a fish.
3D Model of Auggy
In 2016, under the mentorship of the Coarse (a quite popular toy studio), I got to work on making my first toy, which has always been one of my life dream.
3D Printout of Auggy
There's nothing quite like the joy and excitement of seeing the result being popped out of a 3D printer. The nervousness that follows is one of wishing the best for that thing.
Auggy Is Alive
Sanded, smoothed, and sprayed. It's ALIVE.
Maybe Packaging
Explored some ideas for how packaging for Auggy would be.
Coarse had really taught me a new form of storytelling and the value of interaction, whether it is physical or digital. From 2018-2019, I attend various toy exhibitions as an exhibitor overseas in Taiwan and Thailand, displaying my brand and toys.