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Final Design
The Burke Prize 2021 is an annual award named after Marian and Russell Burke, two passionate collectors of craft and benefactors of the Museum.

This $50,000 contemporary art award is given to a U.S.-based artist who is age 45 or under and works in the expansive fields of glass, fiber, clay, metal, or wood.

Launched on October, 2021. Worked directly with the Digital Experience Director to craft a digital experience and narrative for the MAD Burke Prize.
Godbless Figma
This is where the design system, explorations, mocks, prototypes, notes to engineers, EVERYTHING, lived.
Pages from the Final: Homepage
Created a landing page experience with intro from the Museum and also a heroic narrative for the nominated artists.
Pages from the Final: Homepage pt2
Finding moments within the homepage to add in intersitituals and actionable click throughs for visitors.
The design is meant to celebrate the artists and their work. Incorporated handwritten elements to allude to the organicness of craft.
Artist Page
Each of the 16 artists has an "unique" profile page catered to them. Depending on their artist statments and nature of work, we featured them with a editorial Q&A, video, or AR model of their work.
Kudos to the studio's video department. The videos were meant to feel lowfi and scrappy.
AR Model
First time implimenting this for the studio, it's super cool and posed some interesting challenges to solve.