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Socratic App

Socratic is an AI educational app

Final Design
Launched in August 2019, Socratic uses a combination of camera optical character recognition (OCR), text and speech recognization, and smart learning technology (Machine Learning) to surface relevant learning resources for learners.
Logo Update
CBO is Scoratic's beloved owl and an opportunistic element for users to associate with the app. I worked closely with Google's Brand studio to legalize the logo. Giving CBO a body also allowed for richer narrative moments.
Custom Typography
I pitched and spearheaded a custom font for the team to use. An internally made font meant we have full control of characters and the flexibility to scale content more effectively. Pitch to creation took ~2 weeks.
Visual Styleguide
These graphics are visual-heavy and aim to teach students relevant topics in a factually clear and fun way. The tone also needed to harmonize with the new font, scale across all content complexities, and still Googley.
Breaking Down Colors
Color usages are taken into careful consideration as well. They needed to target Gen Z as the app's main target audience, fit into Google's Material color scheme, and work within the educational contents and app UI.
The Glue
The magic formula for how content, style, psychology, and technology all worked together to create a rich space for learning.
[left to right] Subject browsing screen, individual topics within the subject, a detail view of said topic.
Content Creation Madness
I helped establish a scalable system so that working with the pedagogy team, we were able to create a range of content over 16 subjects within a year.
Other UI Stuff
Timely contents (ie. COVID), and different app states.
Hackathon Ideas
I participated in team hackathons and partnered with an engineer on a small demo called "Flappy CBO." The idea was inspired by how it's good to take short fast breaks, and how that leads to improved learning.
How It Works
Scan or input the problem > relevant resources are surface, including the app's first-party explainer content > LEARN.
Post Launch Reviews
tldr, not too shabby.

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Nominated for Google Design’s Best of 2020